Pay Strike 2013/14

UCU is organising a series of two-hour strikes in January and February, and is participating in coordinated strike action with Unison and Unite
UCU is begining a marking boycott with effect from Monday 28 April.
Colleagues are reminded that the work-to-contract action continues. That means working only your 37-hour week, and not undertaking any additional duties. For further information and advice, please see your branch officers.
The University of Brighton students union is supporting the action please see a statement of support from them here.


For UCU the strike on October 31st was the launch of the action followed by a second day of action on December 3rd. There have now been three successful 2 hour strikes.

UCU members have been working to contract since the 1st November.  
·      Please check with a branch officer if you are unsure whether a particular activity falls within your contract
·      Ensure you book your holidays and take them (including a decent break at the end of term)
·      Do not to take work home at evenings and weekends.
·      If your working hours are defined in your contract, log your hours and then ask your manager which work should be prioritised if you cannot do it all.
·      Please use the UCU workload calculator
·      You could add a message for colleagues to your email signature – for example ‘I am a UCU member and am working to contract as a result of a trade dispute over the 2013 pay award.  Therefore replies to email messages may take longer than usual’.