University of Brighton Local Agreements

These are agreements which have been locally negotiated by UCU.


  • E-marking
Staff who wish to read and mark on-screen can, of course, do so. Those who have reason not to do that are not obliged to do so. Naturally, those who, perhaps for reason of illegible handwriting, wish to give printed comments to students but not mark on-screen can do that. The policy and the agreement is not designed to be prescriptive or proscriptive but to ensure that staff members are not forced into a conformity with a new mechanism that may not be fitting in their area of work.

The UCU Coordinating Committee urges all members, therefore, and whether you are in favour or against this use of the new technology, to ensure that the agreement is adhered to in all schools.


  • Travelling required by your work at the UniversityThe arrangements for staff required to work away from the university on a temporary basis in connection, for example, with overseas visits and field trips, will be subject to prior discussion and mutual agreement with the individual concerned. With regards to costs encurred the principle is that if members of staff are away from home or the university they are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket expenses.
  • Travel_and_Subsistence_Scheme.pdf